Please see below for some tips and for storing with us. 

Fit racking to maximise storage space in your unit for materials and tools. We sell racking in various configurations please contact us for details.

If cars are stored away when damp or wet we recommend coming back to open the doors of your unit to help ventilation. Ramps or blocks of wood will be needed to drive vehicles in and out of the shipping container.

Ensure liquids are stored in sealed containers.

Ensure all refrigerators, freezers and washing machines are thoroughly cleaned and dried before putting into storage. Also ovens and other kitchen equipment should be cleaned prevent mould or rust. We also recommend that appliances are stored with the doors slightly ajar.

Large items of furniture benefit from being stored with small gaps between each other and the unit walls to help air circulation within the unit.  If storing goods for a long period if time consider using bubblewrap, furniture blankets, or cardboard to wrap items.

If storing machinery tools clean them thoroughly and wipe with an oiled rag. Hosepipes and jet washers  should be drained of water to reduce the likelihood of condensation.

Our containers are the latest self storage specification with vents fitted to the front and back of the unit to allow cross ventilation (Conventionally shipping containers only have vents in the sides but these are mostly blocked when stacked side by side). However to eliminate condensation ensure all items are dry before being put in storage or air the container soon after storing wet equipment.